The residential family centre

Ty Connections III is a purpose-built block of four studio apartments on the first and second floor. These are self-contained studio apartments and there is a
maximum of three families at the unit, at any one time

Maintaining a maximum of three families at any one time, behoves it well in providing individual and specific targeted programmes of assessment and support
for the clients it serves. Along with this the “homely” and attractive environment of the unit avoids the pitfalls of larger units where such support can at times be
experienced as “institutional” and remote. ‘Families appreciate living in self-contained accommodation.’ (Ofsted report 2018)

Excellent embedded partnership working enables families to receive an extensive level of support, which meets their holistic needs. The centre works
exceptionally well with other professionals and this multi-disciplinary approach focuses on the best interests of children. Families receive protection from the
strong safeguarding arrangements with the police and local authority safeguarding personnel.

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