Fees and costing

Standard weekly fees of £4550 are charged per family placement.

These fees are inclusive with no hidden charges, for example all our assessments is PAMS informed, if required 1-1 support/monitoring through the day or night, additional waking night, reasonable childcare such as parents attending meetings and or Court, supervised contact with authorised family members.

The exception to the above fees is if the makeup of the family requires the use of two apartments to accommodate them, then Standard weekly fees of £9100.00 are charged.

These fees include: pre-placement meetings, a full assessment of the family, attendance at Child looked after reviews and Placement review meetings whilst the family is in placement; the Final Assessment Report is completed 14 days post the assessment period ending. There may be instances whereby the date of the final report is negotiated. Family Weekly reviews, Court Statements, or Interim Assessment Reports whilst the family is in placement as negotiated between the Local Authority’s legal advisor.

Accommodation, utilities, and basic equipment are all-inclusive in the fees.      

In response to referrals, we can offer a no-charge/fee initial service plan proposal based on a review of the documents and reports pertaining to the client’s family.   

The aim is to address the potential merits of placement at Ty Connections, detailing how an assessment would be planned, structured, and delivered, subject to availability.

Court Attendance is charged at £300.00; this includes court attendance and court reports reviewing time.

We understand that flexibility is a vital requirement in any work commissioned by a Local Authority. There is scope at any stage of the assessment for termination to be considered or for a move into the community with work continuing in the family’s home or the family going into a different specialist resource, e.g., drug rehab or therapeutic foster care.

Ty Connections has limited availability. Therefore, to retain an apartment prior to the move in date, a 50% reduction of the weekly fees is £2275. We can offer a phased move in plan, whereby the family can visit, meet the staff team, other resident families and make appropriate move-in preparations prior to residing.