Fees and costing

  • One parent and one child/children: £2900.00 Weekly Fee
  • Two parents one child/children: £3300.00 Weekly Fee.
  • Fees are inclusive and no additional charges are made which include : Full Assessment, progress review, interim and final reports, attendance at Child Protection Conferences, LAC reviews, placement meetings and court attendance whilst family is in placement.
  • No hidden charges (i.e. extra staffing, waking night staff or 1-1 supervision, etc.)
  • Psychological and therapeutic specialist parenting assessments are charged outside of the weekly fees. However, these charges are made explicit in the placement contract and very early on in the referral process.
  • In response to referrals we can offer a no charge/fee initial proposal based on a review of the documents and reports pertaining to the client f1 Ty Connections III: Residential Parenting Assessment and Supportamily.   The aim of the above undertaking is to address the potential merits of a placement at Ty Connections III, detailing how an assessment would be planned, structured and delivered, subject to availability.
  • In regards to the assessment timescales our view is that anything less than 12 weeks could only be considered a risk assessment and not a full assessment of parenting capacity. A twelve-week assessment would be a full assessment that allows for the assessment of capacity for change.