Independent Residential Parenting Assessment

viability, pre-birth, risk and day programme assessments.

Independent Bespoke Community Based Parenting assessments

and rapid response to support/safeguarding requirements.

Step down parenting assessments

following a positive parenting assessment in the community.

Independent Residential Parenting Assessment, Support Services and Family Centre

Our mission


Ty Connections III Primary aim is to safeguard and promote the welfare of families, vulnerable children and young people whilst working with parents and assisting them to work towards achieving their own goals.

We provide safe, transitional, supportive accommodation for vulnerable families and their children under the guidance of our parenting, educational support programme.

Ty Connections III aims to break the cycle of care using experienced, multi-disciplinary staff, to promote self-sufficiency and hence avoiding re-entry into the care system.

Ty Connections III believes that what is significant for children, is their day-to-day experience of being parented now and in the future, not the diagnosis of their parent’s difficulties.  Our commitment will always be to the immediate and long term safety and wellbeing of all our resident children. We offer an inclusive service that is accessible to all vulnerable families regardless of race, background, religion, gender and or any disabilities.

Years of experience

Fair and impartial

Multidisciplinary approach

Aims and objectives


To approach our work holistically and explore the whole family system to support ‘vulnerable’ parents to improve the quality of their own and their children’s lives and achieve better outcomes.


Raising their self-awareness, self-esteem, and self-confidence


Monitoring parental responsiveness


Setting achievable personal goals


Acting as an intermediary or advocate to access information or advice


Promoting health, education, training, and employment support


Teaching a range of parenting skills and life skills to encourage independence

Established partnerships

Working in partnership with professionals, parents, and significant others to deliver a service that offers a ‘best value’ provision.

What our customers say

‘The quality of parental assessments is very good. Assessments and final reports are analytical and clearly evidenced based, with well-triangulated
information. Assessments demonstrate a clear understanding of families’ case histories, any risks and a careful evaluation of parents’ capacity to care for their
children safely.’ – OFSTED 2018


‘I just want to say from the bottom of my heart for allowing us back again and believing in us, it means the world to us, got the biggest smile on my face’

- Appreciative parent -

'Thank you for your support throughout the time the family was with your service and for helping arrange the move last week.'

- Local Authority -

‘Judge (named) requested the LA [local authority] to inform us of the outstanding work achieved with this family and the wealth of evidence that supported the recommendations available to the court.’

- Local authority -

‘I felt part of the process… as I have been fully informed every step of the way through my assessment, all of the team are professional and consistent in their approach.

- Appreciative parent -

‘You have all been very special and offered me what I was lacking on my arrival at Ty Connection unit. Thanks to you all, I am now proud and confident to say that you have made me a great physical caring dad.’

- Appreciative parent -

‘In the short time working with you, I found that there was clear communication between us and staff were welcoming and friendly. Staff had a clear understanding of what the issues were for the family and were flexible in their approach.’

- Local authority -